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   Tasty Recipes 

 Have Fun, Hope You Enjoy!

 You Will Find Some Unique Recipes Here

Lots Of Healthy And Interesting Recipes And Ideas

To Try In Your Kitchen.

Welcome To My Recipe Menu Pages - Full Of Culinary Delights!

In This Web Menu Of This Website, There Are Various Collections I Have Made

In Memberships With Websites That Run Programs For Saving Recipes

On The Net In Our Searches On The Internet And Favorite Websites.

Firstly, There Is My Recipe Box Collection With CopyMeThat.Com (it's extensive 1,300+)

Secondly Is My Collection with Yummlys.Com (400+ in different categories)

And Thirdly Are My Collections (various ones) With Pinterest.Com.Au 

Copy Me That Collection

Healthy Savoury Slices & treats are nice! Spicy Meals are great too! I also have 

Healthy Drinks, Bakes and Sauces here with Natural ingredients 

for different Health Diets - Vegan, Gluten Free etc  

There are lots of Spicy dishes, some International Cuisine.

You'd be surprised what I've found. ENJOY!

This collection is very popular. I have over a 1,300 recipes now.

Yummlys Recipe Categories

International Cuisine and Natural Health are two of my favorite interests.

Sometimes I modify ingredients or methods in recipes accordingly.

Vegetarian Dishes - International Cuisine - Tasty Spicy Recipes - Interesting Dishes

Vegetarian Burgers - Soups and Breads - Tasty Vegan Dishes - Quinoa Chickpeas and Lentils

And More!

The Pinterest Collections

Healthy Tasty Salads 40+

Healthy Drinks and Desserts 100+

Sauces Dips Spreads 50+

Healthy Lunches Etc 100+

Sushi - Samosas Etc 80+

Dairy OR Gluten Free 100+

Healthy Spicy Dishes 40+

Flatbreads and Wraps 60+

Tasty Vegan Meals 60+

Soups and Chowders 90+

Some Creative Meals 100+

Yummy Vegetarian 100+

Dairy Foods And Alternatives 80+

Salads Are Healthy 40+

VEGAN Mayo Sauce Salsa Cheeses Dips 80+

Kimchi -- Kombucha -- Fermented Treats 170+

Have Fun!

Janet's Story About Recipes

My Son was saying this evening to me "you like finding different Recipes

on different Websites for Variety and I like finding different Variations of the

Same Recipe on different Websites and a friend likes to find

Recipes according to his Needs or Suitability."

There are so many ways we can Look for Recipes, hey?

Some of us like to browse through Recipe Books and Magazines

in the Shopping Centers

and buy the occasional one that suits or Recipe Books in a Bookstore.

Some of us still like the feel of a book in our hand - turning the pages.

Over time, I have collected a number of Recipe Books and Magazines in my

library at home (about 16-18 years now). I discovered Yummlys on the Net about

10 years ago and became a member. After that, I commenced Pinterest

to assist with Natural Health Research and made these Recipe Collections

listed here 5-6 years ago. Then one day, I found Tine's wonderful CopyMeThat

website 4-5 years ago.

Tine's Story From Copy Me That

She is a lovely person who created that program for herself when she lost

the whereabouts of a recipe she had bookmarked on her computer and

she said to herself that she would never lose a recipe again!

Because she worked for a Software Company making Programs for the Internet,

she had the skills and experience to make up the Program

that runs on the Copy Me That website that works on our computer with the

help of a special App you download when you commence Free Membership

with her. This App is so trustworthy and hassle-free, I love using it.

Different to Yummlys, you can Copy (collect) any Recipe on any website -

even if it's a Natural Health or Fitness website etc and do exactly what Tine

Made this Program to Do for her - keep our Recipes all in one place - how good is that?

Yummlys is predetermined - where Recipes come from

(they have a few Recipe Websites somehow linked to their Search Function).

With CopyMeThat, you can

determine where you want your Recipes to come from.

There are different advantages to each program.

Tina's program has grown in leaps and bounds since she commenced it,

with some good features I haven't mentioned here. You can also save your own

Recipes etc and have your settings Public OR Private I encourage you to check it out!

I do hope you enjoyed reading this Page.

Imagine the possibilities of finding lots of interesting and tasty Recipes

in Janet's Comprehensive Collection here in this Web Menu of my Website.


Over these 10 Years, I have spent many hours searching and collecting

good recipes with good pictures - so many recipes have poor quality pictures,

some unsightly - you will not find that in these collections. I like my websites to

be a Visual Experience - that means pleasant viewing for you.


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