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Chemical Tricks

Know How To Dodge Them

You Will Find Chemical And Natural Here

I encourage you not to be too trusting. There is an increasing amount of dishonesty in business when it means profit. Even with companies who have been selling and promoting a genuine organic product (ie liquid seaweed). Sad to say, I have found that is no gage for their honesty and credibility. Where certain chemicals do something that is in demand – like keeping our soils wet – dishonesty or ignorance reigns. Yes, some companies are ignorant, just like the public but they don't want to lose profit when you inform them. BE CAREFUL.


I sited this advertisement today

and thought to tell you immediately.

"Earthcare Water Crystal (from the maker of Seasol)

These crystals have the ability to absorb up to 500 times their weight in water with 95% of this water and nutrient 

readily available for the plant to take it up when needed.

The crystals are non toxic and have an effectiveness in the soil for up to 5 years."

It contains polyacrylamide!

Acrylamlide: Uses

Acrylamide is the building block for the polymer, polyacrylamide, which is considered a non-toxic additive. 

However, polyacrylamide may be contaminated with.....


•potent nerve toxin

•effects male reproduction

•causes birth defects

•cancer in animals and potentially humans although no conclusive tests have been made in humans

•cellular necrosis

CNS (central nervous system) symptoms : drowsiness, disturbance of balance, and mental changes characterized by confusion,

hallucinations, memory loss.



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Do you trust WettaSoil? (product by AmGrow) What are the Facts?

IT CONTAINS Propylene oxide-ethylene oxide AND Diatomite!

For My Full PDF Report - Not Lengthy


The following advice is from an expert who acknowledges the use of chemicals (sparingly) as

a last measure for lawn area and plants, not where food is involved.

The use of chemicals in soils is always a last resort solution. Begin with a healthy organic content and a sensible plant selection as you can avoid much of the need for chemicals. That brings peace of mind for yourself and family and pets as well as being good for the environment.

There are organic options for treating hydrophobic (water repellent) soil. Most of the wetting agents commercially available contain chemicals. If you do use wetting agents, you should atleast keep to the directions on the label to avoid excess chemicals building up or running off into our waterways.

In these instances wetting agents should not be used: over large areas or as the only method to improve hydrophobic soil. You should take a holistic approach to the garden making sure you have compost rich, decompacted soil and mulched soil and make sure you choose appropriate plants for the climatic conditions in your area.

To improve water retention. Mulch often with well composted leaf and bark mulch rather than woodchips that can create negative conditions in the soil and fungal activity as well as depriving your soil of nutrients. Level your garden beds – flat beds retain more moisture than sloped ones because the water does not run off as quickly. Dig and decompact your soil before planting, incorporating compost or organic matter as you go along.

Keep your lawn area healthy and water retentive by aerating, adding organic fertilizer, supplying good drainage and breaking up large lawns with garden beds so your lawn gets some shade in hot conditions. Create your own wetting soil agent by using Algin – a compound made from seaweed.

Eco - hydrate and Multiticrop Ecowet are considered to be safer ones. Hydraflow and Wettasoil are NOT organic.

by Jackie Brown Landscape Technician from EcoDesign in Australia

I will give you the Google links for these products - I have checked them out!

Multicrop EcoWet | Fertool › Wetting Agents & Granules

Multicrop EcoWet. ... Unlike other surfactants that are based on petro-chemicals, EcoWet is derived from natural (and renewable) materials such as plant sugars ...

Eco-hydrate | Eco Organic Garden

eco-hydrate. Product Info; Downloads. eco-hydrate 2L. eco-hydrate 500ml. eco-hydrate is a unique water saving product that draws extra moisture into the root ...

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