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Herbs and Spices

Who Likes Herbs And Spices?

You Are In The Right Place!

A Little Story From Me

Hi there, glad you clicked on this Page. I simply love spices! You know, they are excellent for your Health? A writer and herbalist Michael Tierra and others state that it is vital for our health to include Spices in some of our meals.

Many nutritionists and naturopaths stress the importance of Herbs in our diet. Vietnamese people know the value of herbs and have culinary skills with using them. When making a meal with herbs, they will actually add certain ones in a particular sequence instead of 'all at once' like westerners do. This makes a remarkable difference to a recipe.  A Vietnamese girl shared about this with me at a local farmer's market a few years ago - really fascinating.

Interestingly, some nationalities use just the herbs and others use just the spices. If you have a patch of herbs you like,

It becomes affordable to use both Herbs and Spices in your cooking. It is also interesting to note that people in India, Pakistan and Srilanka use whole spices in their recipes. They commence making a meal by roasting the selected spices in a little oil and gradually add other ingredients. People in the Middle East like Lebanon, Kurdistan and Syria make some of their meals the same way. 

I am very glad that Australian's choice of foods is not so bland as it used to be years ago (because most of us came from England originally). We enjoy a lot of Indian and Asian dishes these days, and some Mexican. We have the Indian and Asian citizens to thank for this because of their influence as we do with the Italian citizens for giving some variety to our diet through the years. I'm blessed and fortunate to have had friends and acquaintances from different countries over 40 years now......I love their Music, their dress and cuisine.

As you will see, I have my Best finds for Growing Spices from YouTube here on this Website.

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