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Janet's Websites

And Testimony

My Story

Janet Vargas

In 2010 a thought came to me one day in the kitchen "I think I would like to make a website."

So I set out to find somewhere I could learn how to do that which eventuated in two loose ends and considerable frustration.

Following that, my nephew in-law said he has become a Webhost and he could give me a Free Website.

"Don't worry Auntie Janet, you won't have to find somewhere to learn anymore, it comes with a Sitebuilder and it's very easy"

he continued, so I tried it with his 'much assistance' because I couldn't use it or understand it as I'm not a technical person.

So I thanked him and gave up the idea of websites in disgust "That is not for you Janet, you have other things to do"

and continued Natural Health Research (I had enjoyed for 20 years)

Three days later, the desire to make a website came back to me and it was a pleasant desire "what is there about this desire - it's so strong

it's survived those disappointments?" I exclaimed to myself in astonishment, and then the ah ha moment  "I think this is from You Jesus, 

You have given me this desire and if You have, You will have a way and a time for it to take place, so I commit this to You."

Two weeks later, there came an unsolicited email (never had any others in that email account ever) and I opened it.

An international Webhosting company that opened in Australia a few months before was offering me a Website Package that came 

with a Sitebuilder for a reasonable price and I said to myself "Sitebuilder? help No!" I had no such intentions and shrugged off the idea.

That night Jesus reminded me of my words two weeks earlier and prompted me to take up the invitation. So next morning I went to my

computer and opened the email I'd not deleted. Remembering Jesus had make a good driver of me years ago when I did not have 

the nerve to drive, I purchased a website package in simple faith and looked to Him to teach me. In minutes, I started working things out 

by guesswork, enjoying the experience. It was a more sophisticated Sitebuilder than the other one my nephew gave me which was 

basic from memory:)

Two years later in 2012 I experienced something like Chronic Fatigue or several weeks (confined to my bed 24/7) that lifted from me.

I heard that Helen Steiner Rice wrote books of poems (100 in each). I loved a few of her poems on greeting cards. Following an empty search on the internet, I said to Jesus I expected He knew how to find them. The next day I woke up with a Joy filled poem just like hers and more continued throughout the day - He gave me the same type of poetic language instead. A few days later, I decided to start 

the Inspirations for You website to share many of those. 

About 6 years ago, I found several out-of-print books of Poems by Helen Steiner Rice on eBay Au

A dear friend loved receiving them as git who needed cheering up.

My Webhosts loved my poems and said they were reading them to fuel them for the rest of their shift. A few months after that I started branching into different websites (some are no​t mentioned on this page) and great excitement broke out among the Webhost workers - they looked forward to incoming calls from me. They are lovely people.

If you're asking why Jesus did so much for me, He said once to me at a very difficult time that He was going to bring me out of it 

and use me be to bless people. So it's about you friends, not just me.

I am simply called to bring Uplifting, Peace and Happiness over the internet and share some of my Natural Health Research as well.

Many people wonder at the beauty and content of my websites and poems and I've been requested to share my story a few times,

so here it is. I don't wish to impose my beliefs which are simply Jesus (no religious churchy affiliations) but would like to say

He is the source of my Inspirations and abilities you see. 

Scroll down for descriptions of Websites.


At The Top Of Your Screen.

Poetic and Inspirational

Since 2012 I have been writing Pleasant Poems - some like Helen Steiner Rice's

Natural Health

In 2010 I commenced a website to overcome the fiction of marketing ploys an guide people

into wise choices and added various interesting Natural Health INFO

And A  Christian Website

In 2017 I made another Poem Website which include lots of really nice Poems by other Poets

Health And Inspirations

In 2017 I also decided to make a Secular Website which contains lots of Inspirations of different kinds

plus Positive Health Kitchen INFO. There Are LOTS of Pinterest Nature Photos & YouTube Videos

Plus Recipe Videos And MORE!

An Exciting Website For Aussies

That Is Proving Popular. It has a Blog with lots o Good News Posts and Interesting Articles And MORE!

So I decided to make a 2nd  Website or Aussies Here on Garden and Nature Joys

as an Extension of Ours Australia

On my Christian Websites

I don't have religious or church persuasions but Simply Jesus!

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