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 Pinterest Gardening

  Any Pinterest Fans Here?

Everyone Loves Pinterest

These May Inspire You To Try Pinterest Too.

There's So Many Interesting Items In These Collections.

See What You Find - Check It Out.

Has anyone seen the Pinterest Website on the Internet? It often had me intrigued. I would sometimes be making Natural Health Searches on the Internet. I would click on a Google Link and a big page of pictures would come up on my screen - limited INFO

each picture would lead to a webpage on the Internet. That's when you're a member, I guessed one day, so I tried it.  

Next thing I noticed, it's actually a type of search engine, similar to Google Images but better. You can keep all your favorite finds as collections in your membership area and go through them anytime you like.

One word of caution here: it's very addictive, if you can't put limits on yourself to practice some restraints:)

Some people profit a little from Mega Searches and Collections, I just do it for fun - and some research!

In this Webmenu (at the top of your screen) you will find the following Subpages that lead you

to my Gardening Collections on Pinterest. I've had lots of interesting finds.

Happy Little Ventures

Home And Gardening Ideas

Helpful And Interesting

Nutritious Gardening

Soil Secrets: Building A Living Soil

Veggies And Herbs In Pots

Growing Berries - Yum!

Growing In Pots

Tips For Beginners

Tomatoes And Eggplants

Organic Gardening - Lot Of Tips

Assorted Gardening INFO


(Need a little Rest and some Me Time. Worked on this Website for You through the Night)

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