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Judging Real and Fake Avocado Oils

You guessed it!  It isn't enough that Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is being Faked now by many big Corporate Companies...........

.for some months now, many  Extra Virgin Avocado Oils are FAKE also. An alarming 85% 

Other (cheap nasty) Oils are being used in some of them, and Over-Ripe Avocados in others.

It's Unbelievable I know, yes Reprehensible, but it's happening, so we need to be aware.

If you know a Genuine Good Quality Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, don't venture far!

AVOCADO OIL - Extra Virgin - Quality - Fake

You're Buying FAKE Avocado Oil - The Great Avocado SCAM!

FlavCity with Bobby Parrish

Top 6 Best Avocado Oils for 2021- Extra Virgin Avocado Oils

By Compact Reviews

We never thought it would come to this, did we?

We thought "Dodge those Cheap Nasty Veggie Oils, go for something Healthy and we're right!" didn't we?

Seems all manner of corruption has broken out in the world for the sake of Cutting Corners with expenses and Unfair Profit.

The personal Health Standards many of us have made for ourselves and family are being violated.

So we need to be a little Smarter than Smart.

I will do my best to help you make sure you are buying the real thing.

Currently working at this. More Coming!

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