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Natural Gardening – Healthy Recipes – Beauty Of Nature

Most Of Us Like To Be Happy And Healthy. Find Ways To Be Here.

 Bringing Some Peace And Cheer To You, For Your Day And Evening.

   Best Wishes To Everyone.

Welcome To Garden and Nature Joys

From Janet Vargas, Owner Of Several Websites - 

Natural Health And Inspirational.

NO Pesky Google Ads and No Intrusive Email Campaigns

People Come To My Websites Because They ENJOY Them!

Here On This Website You Will Find Plenty Of Content For Interesting And Healthy Recipes........ Natural Fruit-And-Veggies Gardening

(No Chemicals) Some Natural Health Tips and INFO........Enjoying Nature: Including Lots Of Scenic Photos And Little Baby Animals,

So Cute! I Have Them On Two Of My Other Websites Because Visitors (Regular And First-Time) Love Them So Much.

Often, People Say To Me In Person "Janet, I Love The Baby Animals - They're So Adorable. Made My Day!"

 My Webhosts, After Seeing The Tasty Recipes Menu, Say They Are Going To Make Some Recipes When They Get Home - They Can't Wait:)

My Websites Have Been A BUZZ WORD Among My Webhosts (A Big Company, Many Workers) Over The Last 10 Years.

I Love To Inspire Your Day. I Love To Place UPLIFTING Content On My Websites..

It's A Passion With Me!

A Little About Me

Since 2010, I Have Been Inspiring People On Websites After 20 Yrs Of Interesting Natural Health Research

(Part-Time Independent).  I  Experienced A New-Found Gifting Of Poems And Natural Flare For

Inspirational  Writings And Things.  5 Years Ago, I Commenced Gardening Interests Again After Years Of Research And Websites.

At Present, I Have Several Dwarf Fruit Trees Growing In Big 50 Centimetre Pots (20 Inches)

And Some Culinary Herbs In Pots.  I also Have 2 Raised Garden Beds For Veggies Again

And 2 More Planned For Spring (2m x 1mx30cm each). Raised Beds Are My Favourite Way To Grow Veggies! 

Since 2012, I Have Enjoyed  Taking Short Car Trips For  4 Day Holidays at Coastal Holiday Parks.

I Was Brought Up In A Beach Town Close To Hills And Country And Love To Visit Them, Shall We Say?

That Way I Can Enjoy Them For A Few Days, Apart From Occasional Drives. 

I've been making Websites since 2010. Each one has a different feel and purpose and this one is no exception.

I'm getting into gardening more now as time permits and would like to share this interest - especially  with an emphasis on Healthy


For the Joy Factor, I've decided to add Recipes AND Nature, because to me, the three go hand in hand.

I Love Nature and who doesn't like Recipes? I have extensive Collections of Recipes Online and in my Home Library I have built up for quite some years. I know I've shared them on two other Websites but am thinking they would be really appropriate for this Website.



( OURS AUSTRALIA  is my other one )

It Has A Blog With Good News Posts, Interesting Stories And A Few Fun Ones Etc

It Attracts Many Visitors From Different Countries.

You will also find some Gardening Posts there.


This Was my 2nd Website for Aussies before the previous Webhost

merged with a different Webhost. They have somehow wiped out 2/3rds of this Website

(hours upon hours of tireless work) yet they charge me Full-Price.

So I have to decide what to do now as I run Several Websites.

All I can say for now is NEVER go with these 2 WebHosting Companies:

VISTAPRINT and WIX also known as VISTA-WIX.

They made Errors on other Sites as well.

They have caused me untold Frustration and Expense.

It is Greed, Pure Greed, and Half-Efforts for Money Spent.

So I would spare you that!



There's Plenty To Interest You Here. 

I Have 12 Open Folders In The Pinterest Gardening Menu To Keep You Busy.

And 13 Open Folders Of Creatures and Scenery In The Beauty Of Creation Menu.

And 6 Pinterest Recipe Folders, Plus A Big Collection (400+) With Yummlys And Copy Me That (1,300+)

Which Will Give You LOTS Of Recipe Inspirations To Peruse.

(now to be replaced - working on this)

Look For The 14 Aussie Nature Videos  and Nature Lovers Videos in the Nature Videos Menu. More Pages Coming.

I Will Be Adding Recipe Videos sometime in the near future. But firstly to add my Recipe Collections again, I had here.
You will find those there. Many Aussies have not seen some of our popular Wildlife, and people in countries Overseas

love to see them too - especially from the USA - they go nuts about some of our Birds and Animals.
It's really great to hear/see their response - you will see two such responses among the 14 Videos.

It just so happens they were the Best Videos I could find of our Kookaburras.

Come and join in the hilarious atmosphere - it's Nice to have Fun.


If You Come Here From Ours Australia, This Website Is To Show You Lots Of Nature Pictures,

Tasty Recipes and Videos and Nature Photos And Videos, Space Does Not Permit There.

You Could Say This Website Is An Extension Of Ours Australia. ENJOY!

 A Few Surprises For You

     "Pick A Box!"

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